THE FOREST of Dean District Council (FDDC) has urged residents to take part in the “no mow May” campaign in an effort to help wildlife. 

The campaign is designed to help plants and flowers bloom and to provide pollinators like bees the essential food they need. 

Taking to their X account, the FDDC said: “Take part in #NoMowMay to give wildlife a hand. Cut less to give short-stemmed flowers time to bloom. Leave areas to grow for longer to create corridors for visiting wildlife.” 

Plantlife, who work to protect plants and the overall environment, issued a how-to guide on their website. The organisation describes the best ways to keep your garden tidy, but also in the best interest of wildlife. 

It said: “Aim to maintain at least two lengths of grass throughout and beyond No Mow May. May marks the onset of the summer and the start of a season full of brilliant blooms, colour and life! 

“That buzz doesn’t die down at the end of May and will continue well into autumn. Giving some areas a monthly cut will surprisingly let shorter flowers multiply, boosting nectar production.

“Leaving other areas longer will support more specialist, tall plant species, which feed and shelter an array of animal life. 

“Some completely untouched grassy strips left along hedgerows and fences will create effective ecological corridors along which wildlife can move. Variety is key for a wilder garden!”

You can find out more about the no mow May campaign on the Plantlife website.