FIVE Acres High School has improved on its ‘kitemark’ for character education.

The school has added the ‘kitemark plus’ to its character education accreditation which highlights the ways in which it offers opportunities that go beyond just academic results.

The school was awarded its initial kitemark in 2019.

Headteacher Simon Phelps said: ““Character Education is of vital importance to Five Acres High School.

“Our commitment to Character Education is founded on the belief that to be successful students require a healthy balance of academic ability and an understanding of the values that are required to succeed in all walks of life.

“Within our school context we ensure that students live and breathe the values we collectively aspire to and also have opportunities to demonstrate them through action. The result is a thriving school full of students, parents and staff who are fully invested in becoming the best versions of themselves. 

“We are delighted to be the first school within Greenshaw Learning Trust to be recognised by being awarded the Character Education Kitemark Plus.

“We understand our duty to be trailblazers for those that follow on and also to ensure that our commitment to developing character sits firmly at the centre of all that we do.”

Students earn badges and certificates for their achievements, which range from reading books, representing the school in sports fixtures to taking part in theatre trips and overseas visits. 

They can achieve a total of 45 badges, bronze, silver and gold, followed by a value shield for earning two gold badges in each value category.

Year Seven students earn their Bronze Adventure badge for taking part in a residential just weeks after they have started at the school.

The kitemark plus was awarded following a visit by two assessors at the end of last month.

The assessors reported that: “It is always reassuring to visit a school where values and a genuine commitment to character education are at the core of all activities and threaded through the ‘DNA’ of the school.

“The school’s values are placed at the heart of all activities and by aligning these with core components of character education such as the Tutor Time Reading Programme, rewards system and subject-based character challenges, the school continues to ensure that pupils and staff benefit from an authentic and ambitious commitment to character education which is built-in rather than ‘bolted on’.”