Last year the Forest of Dean Quakers started a new chapter in moving our meeting for worship to The Hut at Berry Hill. It also saw the reopening of our Quaker library in Newham. (Find us on Google). This small space, open to all, represents a much bigger ideal. A place to browse, borrow and ask questions. A welcoming place to anyone curious about the work we do and the beliefs we uphold. Somewhere for hearts and minds to meet, irrespective of belief.

Here Quaker writings sit alongside other books both affirming and challenging, broadening and contextualising the reach of our testimony. Amongst Quakers the onus is on everyone to listen, contribute and ultimately develop our own faith. Our library speaks to us and to all in both nurturing and growing self knowledge and enriching our spiritual life.

Over time, in our lives we each become a library of experience, an anthology of wisdom. For some, books can lead us to and through a life in faith, while other books guide us along different paths. Our library is a resource to all whatever journey we are on, an open space to develop ourselves and build on our potential to do good. – Russell Hoy.