A total of 6,539 Gloucestershire children who applied on time will be offered a secondary school place for September this year, with 86 per cent of pupils receiving a place at their first preference school.

On Friday, March 1, all parents of pupils going to secondary school in September 2024 will receive a place from Gloucestershire County Council. Parents will have until March 8 to accept their school place or request an alternative school.

As well as the 86 per cent being offered their first preference school, 97 per cent are being offered one of their preferences.

The 99 per cent of parents and carers who applied online will receive an email confirming their school place after 9.00am on March 1 and will be able to accept the place online. For those who did not get offered their first preference school, they will also receive a letter that explains how the decision was made.

Those parents or carers who did not apply online will receive a letter on Friday, March 1, including the place on offer and an explanation for how the decision was made.

Cllr Philip Robinson, Cabinet Member for Education, Skills and Bus Transport said: “Going on to secondary school is a big step for our young people, and I wish them well for the next stage of their journey. I’m delighted that we have been able to offer so many pupils a school of their choice for September.”

Parents are encouraged to accept their place online or return their reply forms as soon as possible. As we know from previous years, more places are likely to become available over the next few months as parents change their preferences.

If parents ask for their child's school place to be reconsidered, they will be placed on the waiting list for their preferred schools. If places then become available, they will be offered a place in line with the school’s admission policy.

Parents unhappy with their initial offer are encouraged to keep their place as this will ensure that, whatever the outcome of the reconsideration, their child will have a place at a school in September.

The county council will write to parents with the result of the reconsideration after March 29, and parents will have until April 3 to reply. Parents who are still not satisfied with their given school will be advised of the appeals procedure.

The admission criteria and more information about waiting lists for every school is also available at www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/schooladmissions