THERE were 68 drug “disruptions” and two arrests made by police in Gloucestershire during the latest phase of a regional campaign to tackle drug supply.

The third phase of Operation Scorpion, which is a collaboration between five police forces in the South West including Gloucestershire, focused on tackling supply and use in the night time economy.

A feature of the activity was officers educating people on the dangers of drugs within licensed venues.

As well as the two arrests, the force says two adults were “safeguarded” during the operation, and £500 cash and 200g Class B drugs were seized.

In the whole of the South West, there were 649 drug disruptions, 70 arrests, 8 charges, 22 people safeguarded and £51,853 cash, around 3.5kg of Class B drugs and 2.2kg of Class A drugs seized over three weekends.

Chris Nelson, Police and Crime Commissioner for Gloucestershire, said: “Some people might think taking so-called ‘soft’ or ‘recreational’ drugs is part of a good night out. In doing so, they are supporting an illegal trade that does enormous harm, not just to individuals but to whole communities who can be blighted by the terrible anti-social behaviour and criminality that they cause.

“I am all for working with partners who provide help for those who want to get off drugs. To safeguard and support the vulnerable and provide education about the impacts and risks of drugs.

“But we must also make it clear to those who persist in dealing and taking drugs that the South West is no place for drugs.”