HAVE you noticed how often people say things without thinking them through?

Two things caught my attention this week – both in connection with the ill-conceived idea of building 200+ houses on land adjoining Allaston Road in Lydney. Much has already been said about the future problems with lack of jobs, amenities, school places, etc, and destroying good agricultural land.

A spokesman for the developers is quoted as saying that these homes are much needed. How does that equate with the fact that two other developments are reported to be at a standstill because no one wants the houses? Where is this need?

The second is that I have been told that residents living lower down on Primrose Hill are not particularly worried as it will not affect them. If this development goes ahead there will be enormous traffic problems both for local residents and, much more importantly, for emergency service vehicles trying to get through the already congested road due to parked cars. The problem will have to be solved and the obvious solution is double yellow bands all the way down Primrose Hill and Albert Street. I bet the occupants on Primrose Hill will be concerned then.

B Baker