‘LOOKING for Kerry’ is the sign that pensioners Gordon and Kitty Jones have been posting around Huntley.

The couple want to repay this lady, who came to Gordon’s rescue when a nasty accident left him laying for over an hour, helpless, immobile and in excruciating pain.

On May 30 at around 9am, Gordon, 81, took his normal outing to walk his beloved dog Buddy.

But he slipped on the wooden edge to a tarmac path and fell heavily.

From there, without a mobile phone or apparent means of rescue, Gordon crawled by pulling himself with his arms, through the mud, towards the gate.

Having made it there solo, he used all his remaining strength to haul himself up onto his undamaged leg and then waited, hoping for a passer-by who might help.

Gordon waited for a time and then turned and slipped again, falling face down in the mud and finding himself paralysed with pain.

His injuries from the two falls were multiple; a broken pelvis, broken hip and broken thigh bone, which demanded extensive surgery and will take months to recover from.

By the time the two were found, both Gordon and the toffee-coloured King Charles Spaniel cross were soaked and shivering.

And their rescue came thanks to a lady called Kerry who was walking up the A40 towards Ross when she heard what she imagined was a farmer calling to his cattle.

if you are Kerry or know Kerry of Huntley, who rescued Gordon Jones, then please get in touch with them on 01452 831786.