VANDALS tore up shrubs and stuffed them down the toilets at a Coleford playing field.

The destruction at Bells Field is just one of a number of incidents across the town.

Coleford Town Council has closed the toilets at Bells Field temporarily although the disabled access cubicle will remain open.

The council has also issued a statement about the recent vandalism in the town.

The statement, issued by Town Clerk Chris Haine reads: “It is with regret that this article needed to be written but Coleford Town Council has been inundated by incidents, and reports, of graffiti, vandalism, and antisocial behaviour across the Parish of Coleford.

“Sites, and premises that have been particularly targeted are Bells Field Recreation Ground, King George V Recreation Ground, Angel Vale, and the cemetery at the top of Victoria Road.

‘‘This has resulted (until repairs have been undertaken) in the Public Conveniences at Bells Field Recreation Ground, being temporarily CLOSED (apart from the Disabled Access cubicle) and the Town Council apologises for any inconvenience this might cause.

“Damage has included burnt out toilets, shrubs pulled up and stuffed down, in turn blocking, toilets, graffiti (including offensive language and symbols), broken glass, pulled out flowers from town centre planters, and other petty damage.

‘‘This all costs money, which is entrusted to us by tax payers, and residents, of the area; and our contractors, especially with graffiti, are endlessly being tasked to repair, and address.”

The Town Clerk also pointed out that there is a problem with dog fouling and urged people to report incidents to the council if they have evidence.