A COMMUNITY grant from the Forest of Dean District Council has allowed a local gardening society to grow.

Bream Gardening Society has provided a valuable service at the Dean Heritage Centre for many years by tending the flower beds and setting up the traditional vegetable garden for the Forester’s Cottage.

However, current members have found increasing difficulty in being able to visit for watering and weeding, so they are keen to welcome more volunteers who can help.

The Friends of Dean Heritage Museum Trust successfully applied for a community grant from the Forest of Dean District Council, in order to provide support for volunteers and to cover the cost of a potting shed.

The shed will act as a great base for social exchange of information and ideas, as well as a safe place to store tools. Traditional tools will be supplied by Tools for Self Reliance, an organisation whose profits benefit farmers in poor countries, with other equipment being supplied by local firms.

The scheme was just what the council grant was aimed at, by helping voluntary groups work together for the good of the community. Gardening has been shown to be an excellent activity to help with mental wellbeing and in addition the Dean Heritage Centre plans to arrange other events to support well-being.

Visitors to the museum will be able to see the work of the volunteer gardeners, as well as ask questions and share gardening tips. Members of the Bream Gardening Society will act as team leaders, so all volunteers, whatever their gardening experience will be welcomed and guided.

Anyone interested please contact Maggie Stewart, 01594 837485 Membership Secretary for the Bream Gardening Society, see their website www.breamgardeners.com or visit the group’s Facebook page.