SCHOOL students starting out on their own musical journeys had the opportunity to hear a professional violinist play at  a special recital in Cinderford

Professional violinist and music educator Michael Bochmann also took questions from pupils of the Forest High School and St Whites, and Forest View primary school.s at the concert at Forest High.

The recital was based on Mr Bochmann’s Oasis Concerts which bring together neighbouring schools to make music together.

Violin students from Forest High and Forest View demonstrated their new skills and the choir of St Whites sang several songs.

There were also performances by Sebastian Taylor, the leader of the Gloucestershire Youth String Orchestra and by Heather McFarlane and Nick Steel of the Gloucestershire Music service,

Mr Bochmann said: “It’s about getting people together and communicating through music. It’s about getting great people to come and play wonderful music.

“What’s wonderful about today is that we’ve had two primary schools coming to play with the secondary school that they will probably go to.

“The children and the teachers have a human connection and music brings people together. You can make music with people with whom you don’t agree with on anything else.

“The other thing that is very valuable is that it makes you live in the present. When you’re concentrating on making music you forget everything and you live in the present..”

The students at Forest High had received 17 lessons on the instrument and Forest View seven.

Matt Ball, Forest High’s lead practitioner of performing arts said: “We are extremely proud of our Year Sevens for performing in last week’s music concert, alongside our local primary schools, and is just a small snapshot of all the fantastic music opportunities that happen every week at SGS Forest High School.

“Every single KS3 student is getting hands-on weekly musical tuition in a wide variety of instruments from brass through to strings. 

“We are looking forward to other exciting opportunities to come together as a school and celebrate all of the talent that lies within our students and the wider Cinderford community, helping every student to be the best they can be.”

Nick Steel, of Gloucestershire Music said the concert was an opportunity for the students to share what they had learnt in school.

He said Gloucestershire Music is working with around 45 per cent of schools in the county.

He told the students: “Music can open up so many opportunities for you. You all have the potential to do something amazing with your life. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, where you live, what you do.”

Gloucestershire Music will be running a music group for violin and ukulele beginners in Cinderford from next month.

The group will meet at Forest View School and is for children up to 16 years of age who have had lessons

The 10-week course will start on April 10 between 3.30pm and 4pm. For more information visit