WITH regard to the closure of the Wilderness Environmental Centre and Plump Hill Centre, I would urge all parents of children that have had such a wonderful experience to write to Shire Hall in Gloucester protesting at the loss of such wonderful amenities.

Did any of the councillors who made the decision to sell these two properties even bother to attend a day's session and experience a new fascinating world of nature?

The decision has been made purely on greed – why don't they cut the hours of street lighting to partly finance study of the environment.

Surely it's the children's "Human Rights" to be able to follow the 300,000 children that have attended courses or day sessions.

The county council isn't even prepared to allow The Wilderness to become an independent concern. Eventually children won't even know what the life cycle of a butterfly is. If you haven't read Trevor Roache's article in The Forester last week I beg you to do so. Future generations should be entitled to dip their toes into an exciting, mysterious and thrilling world of nature.

Mrs Heather Dancey