Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the UK with over 45 million people using the platform and 66 per cent of these people using it every day!

Tindle News, parent company of The Forester, is launching Facebook advertising packages that help businesses to promote themselves alongside their digital and print advertising.

Facebook advertising packages offered allow businesses to benefit from the trust in local news websites and the power of Facebook. The four-week packages are developed individually for local advertisers. Campaigns are created and targeted based on the needs of local advertisers.

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Four-week packages are developed individually for local advertisers (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Paul Higman, Sales Director of Tindle News Wales and Borders region comments: “The businesses who work with us know we offer brilliant advertising opportunities in their local markets . Our newspapers are the leaders in each of our markets and our websites audiences are growing at over 40 per cent annually.

"In the past year, we’ve worked with over 600 companies helping them with their local advertising and delivering an engaged local audience ready to be their customers. Offering social media packages is the next logical step in further enhancing our advertising platforms for the local business communities who enjoy engaging with our trusted newspapers and websites.

"Many businesses have asked us to help them with their social media advertising and we’re confident that by partnering with us, we can help these businesses to grow their customer base by using our Facebook Social Media Advertising Packages.

"We know that most people spend most of their time and money within 5 miles of their homes and almost ALL of it within 10 miles of their homes so we think our highly targeted and cost effective Facebook Advertising Packages will really help local businesses.”

The Facebook advertising packages that are now available include the following features:

· Expert campaign planning

· Targeting – focusing activity on the local areas that customers want to reach – and nowhere else

· Post construction – an expert post that is optimised to generate the highest level of response

· Full Account management – ensuring that every penny of the advertising budget is maximised

· Full reporting – our experts will provide a full analysis of the campaign including clickthrough results at the end of each campaign

· Quick turnaround – customer campaigns can be developed and activated within 48 hours

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Packages include full post creation, advertising target, account management and reporting from industry experts (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Campaigns are offered on a four week basis and the all inclusive fee offers full post creation, advertising target, account management and reporting from industry experts.

To find out more about Facebook Social Media Advertising Packages, please contact the local team at: [email protected] The Facebook Social Media Advertising Packages are expected to appeal to local companies and organisations who want to amplify their messages locally. Other media companies elsewhere in the UK who have introduced social media advertising packages have found that campaigns have worked particularly well with schools, colleges, universities, home improvement specialists such solar panel installers, double glazing and garden companies. Other sectors include tourism businesses, leisure and hospitality businesses, Local Authorities and car companies.

To find out more about our social media packages, please contact the team at [email protected]