BRITAIN’S longest serving councillor Lloyd Wilce died yesterday at his Cindeford home at the age of 89.

Mr Wilce, of Woodgate Road, entered the world of politics on returning from national service in 1949.

He started out as a councillor at the Plump Hill for 18 months before becoming a councillor in his hometown.

Mr Wilce told The Forester in 2015 that one of his best moments was fundraising money for the town’s swimming pool.

He said: “I saw how they had play areas and swimming pools along with many other things that Cinderford didn’t have. I wanted to make the town better for the people.

Despite his grandfather Levy Wilce being one of the richest men in the Forest and a staunch Conservative, Mr Wilce joined the Labour Party.

He said at the time: “My father’s side of the family were Conservatives. My grandfather at the time was probably the richest man in Cinderford.

“However, my father died in 1942. I was only 12 at the time and all the properties my father owned went back to the family and all my mum was left with was 30 ‘bob’ and her pension.”

Mr Wilce once gained more votes in Cinderford than one of the Parliamentary candidates in the whole constituency. 

Having considered calling it a day in 2015, Mr Wilce stood and was elected for the town council elections with 464 votes.