THREE cheeky burglars ‘sauntered’ casually back to their car after being caught red handed breaking into the Huang’s Chinese takeaway in Berry Hill in broad daylight.

The three men, wearing hoods and bandanas to cover their faces, were spotted using a crowbar to force a door to the rear of the premises at around 2.45pm on Monday.

Staff in the Berry Hill News shop next door called the police but by the time they arrived the three men, who had left empty handed, had ‘sauntered’ back to a black Audi and driven off by a fourth member of the gang.

Berry Hill News owner Valerie Stacey said: “There were three white men and someone saw them get into a black Audi car driven by a fourth man in Coverham Road.

“They put a crowbar into the back door of the Chinese restaurant next door just before 3pm, but were spotted by someone going in and we rang the police.