IT was with concern and anger that I read in a recent edition of The Forester that the Angus Buchanan Recreation Ground Committee was contemplating refusal to renew the lease on the Bowls Club facilities. Having talked to many Coleford residents, I am not alone in this opinion.

I do not know if Coleford Town Council still contribute to the Angus Buchanan Trust, but while I was clerk to the council many thousands of pounds were granted over the years to maintain this great facility for the town. Remember, the parishioners of Coleford were paying for this and they should have a say on a decision of this magnitude.

The Bowls Club has over decades maintained an exceptionally high standard of care for their facilities and an example, for visiting clubs to show Coleford off at its best. I do not know of any other organisation which has lasted so long within the area, particularly without public support.

While all Coleford residents have the highest regard for the late Angus Buchanan, I cannot believe the proposals to turn the Bowls Club pavilion into a museum to his memory can be serious, this is not the right place for such a tribute. Talk to the British Legion first, perhaps a section near the library where people can view it all year round would be more fitting.

It appears to me that there could be some 'vested' interest in the Angus Buchanan decision to call in the lease and such a move should be made at the trust's AGM when the general public can express their opinion.

I believe the Angus Buchanan's AGM takes place in April and would ask for as many Coleford residents to attend this meeting and voice their concern, even put up for election when the committee is formed for the following year.

For the record I have lived in Coleford for the last 53 years, do not belong to the bowls club, have never ever bowled a single ball but do admire the dedication of the club members.

Paul Morgan