A FORMER Gloucestershire county councillor and Police Commissioner candidate has been spared a standard six months ‘totting up’ driving ban for a speeding offence because of the effect the disqualification would have on his wife.

Farmer and businessman William Windsor-Clive, 63, of Bury Mill, Redmarley, who represented the Newent area on Gloucestershire County Council for 12 years from 2009 to 2021, was disqualified for three months by Cheltenham magistrates.

The court said it had reduced the length of the usual totting up ban by half because his wife “would be substantially affected by the extra responsibility of any longer disqualification.”

He was before the court on February 14 because he drove a BMW on the A417 at the M5 11A junction in excess of 70mph on May 21. He pleaded guilty under the Single Justice Procedure.

As well as the three month ban he was fined £67 and ordered to pay £110 costs and a £27 surcharge. Payment of the total of £204 must be made by March 13.