Controversial plans for Dymock abattoir withdrawn

By George Henderson in Planning

OPPONENTS to a plan to build a Halal abattoir in Dymock have been given a ‘stay of execution’ after it was hastily scratched from yesterday’s planning committee agenda.

Forest of Dean District Council was due yesterday (August 8) to consider a planning application from Mohammed Jaffer to build an abattoir at Green Hill Farm, formerly known as Moor Oak Farm.

But the application, which has been fiercely opposed by residents and Dymock Parish Council, was withdrawn over technical issues.

However, the protestors fear the withdrawal will pose only a temporary hitch and will only ‘prolong the agony’.

The main objections include the possibilities of smell, flies and vermin; the generation of heavy goods traffic and attendant road safety fears; pollution to the River Leadon; adverse affect on tourist visitors to the area; adverse affect on open air events on the nearby cricket ground.

Terry Ball, chairman of the parish council, said: “With the high incidence of accidents on this stretch of road, we do not believe that the access off the B4215 road is suitable for a business that requires large vehicles to enter and leave the site.

“When operating as a poultry farm we had complaints that heavy vehicles were entering and leaving at all hours of the night.

“Although many local abattoirs have closed over the years, there is a new unit near Cinderford, and another at Minsterworth that Mr Jaffer already uses, that could easily handle the volume of work quoted in the proposal.”

In a submission to the council Mr Jaffer said: ““The proposed development is sustainable, and contributes to the overall aim of improving the economic, social and environmental conditions of the area as set out in local policy.

The abattoir would create a small quantity of local jobs which meets the policy objective of encouraging a thriving rural economy.

“The proposals contribute to the economic, social and environmental roles of sustainable development, and are supported by both local and national planning policy.”

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