Lynx spotted in the Forest of Dean

By George Henderson in Environment

THERE have been recent calls to have the Lynx re-introduced to the Forest of Dean as an antidote to the fast growing wild boar population.

Eagle-eyed photographer Ray Buckley told The Forester that rumours of a Lynx seen in the Forest had been confirmed - thanks to the sharp eyesight of Terry Hoare, who spotted this one hiding under a bush deep in the forest. Upon closer inspection it showed it to be a melanistic one with a surprisingly pleasant odour.

Well, as you can see this particular Lynx is significantly less malodorous than the feline Eurasian Lynx which was wiped out in England in the 17th Century - but is being reintroduced into woodland in Kielder Forest of Northumberland as a trial project.

Natural England originally looked at the Forest of Dean as one of the areas of the country they looked at to trial the reintroduction of the medium-sized wild cat, but ruled it out because of the amount of roads running through the woodland areas.

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