Littledean mum died from a mystery stab wound to the heart - Coroner

By Court Reporter in Local People

A CORONER has been unable to establish exactly how a 53-year-old woman suffered a stab wound to the heart at her home in Littledean.

The Gloucester inquest heard that Shirley Duff had collapsed in her home in Broad Street on January 5 this year with a knife nearby.

Mrs Duff was found on the floor of her flat at around 2pm by her son Levi Duff and said she was barely conscious so he called an ambulance.

But despite extensive medical intervention by paramedics Mrs Duff was pronounced dead at 3.40pm.

A post mortem examination revealed a penetrative stab wound to the heart which caused a haemorrhage.

Detective Sergeant Alistair Hammett of the major crimes investigation team told the inquest they had found no positive evidence of third party involvement in Mrs Duff’s death and therefore it was not treated as suspicious.

Gloucestershire senior coroner Katy Skerrett said she was satisfied there was no third party involvement and added: “There was a knife at the scene and I am satisfied that was responsible for the wound.

“I am satisfied there is no positive evidence of third party involvement and the police have not deemed this as a criminal matter.

“But as I cannot pinpoint exactly what happened, I am leaving this open.”